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Boost productivity with key shortcuts
Design robust, dynamic models
Cover most of your needs with 30 core functions
Build professional models and visualizations
Apply effective communication techniques to tell the story
Utilize key shortcuts to increase productivity
Learn design principles to develop exceptional content
Create engaging slides using critical features
Engage the reader and set yourself apart
Learn a successful action-oriented structure to grab recruiter’s attention
Effectively market your skills and experience
Use simple Word features to professionally format your resume
Understand the foundation of database and query basics
Utilize variables and windowing to unlock limitless potential
Learn frameworks to avoid mistakes and common pitfalls
Leverage table techniques to simplify queries
Confidently program beyond the macro recorder
Automate recurring tasks to save time and improve throughput
Understand programming basics – variables, loops, and control flow
Develop programs beyond Excel and reinvest in yourself with the time saved

High performing teams work smarter by using the tools that maximize output with minimal input.

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Matthew Herbert

Lead Instructor

Matthew’s 15 years of experience spans Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, and Programming across Banking, Retail, Consumer Products, and eCommerce.

“Matthew’s breadth of knowledge is awe-inspiring. He’s a critical thinker, and he can pivot from modeling to presentation slides to data extraction in a heartbeat. He’s clearly invested in learning the tools to do things in the most efficient way possible. What he teaches is spot on and is directly applicable to my team’s work.”

“I regularly hire analysts throughout the year, and I don’t have the bandwidth to recycle my time to train the team. BizTrix has a comprehensive offering that allowed me to choose exactly what my team needs. It’s a win-win: it saves me time, and my team gets the exact training it needs.”

“We don’t require analysts to have SQL knowledge when hired because we know they can learn it to access data in our data warehouses. We hired BizTrix to teach SQL to prevent lost time in Excel doing what SQL easily solves. This way our analysts spend time on the important tasks. This small investment has paid tremendous dividends.”

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