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Don't be intimidated by Excel

The formula for unlocking Excel is simple: Mastery = Navigation + Selection + Functions. We teach the tools that cement a foundation which makes adding features to your toolbox easy. Combine the best techniques from investment banking, corporate finance, and computer programming to make even the most complex models simple.

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Learn the art and science of PowerPoint

Effective slide creation begins with simple, structured communication principles. This is the science. Applying a practical design guide adds the art. Learning a few core PowerPoint tools and features will help you easily construct a powerful presentation that is both engaging and impressive.

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Write to get noticed

Writing an effective resume is simple. Don't struggle with Word because you don't know the essential formatting features. Formatting, combined with a powerful resume writing framework, will make you shine on paper. Please, don't construct a mainstream resume – you'll look just like everyone else and not the star you are.

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Largest return for the least effort

If you can speak English, you can write structured query language (SQL). SQL is arguablly the simplest program to learn with the highest return. You'll wonder why you wasted so much time transforming data in spreadsheets. Come learn from the ground up – from "I don't know how to do that" to "How did you do that?!?!"

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Stop repeating recurring tasks

Excel VBA is a simple yet powerful tool that transforms laborious time-consuming tasks into a fraction of a second. Unlock these time savings and reinvest them into improving yourself. Learning our basics will create a foundation that will enable you to program almost anything.

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Learn core skills, not what's "cool" or "flashy."

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Concise, easy to follow, self-paced instruction.


Content from Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, and Programming.


Speed is key! Free up time by doing tasks with ease.

Join others in skyrocketing your skills.



"The courses helped me see how much I underutilize Office. Learning a few simple principles showed me new potential."



"Why didn't my professor teach me this?! These skills are essential to my success, and I'm glad I'm ahead of the curve now."



"The trainings are filled with so many useful tips and guidelines I wish I knew earlier in my career."



"Learning these courses has freed up countless hours of time. Now I get to spend time doing more of what I enjoy!"

Team Training

Looking to train your team?

BizTrix offers the ability to mix and match course content to address team needs, including on-site trainings.

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