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BizTrix is here to teach you what you really need to know so you can leapfrog your abilities to the next level.
We know
Learned how to use Excel without the mouse
Started writing VBA after viewing a demo of VBA's potential
Built complex models, decks, and memos from scratch
Strategic Finance advisor for multiple departments
Learned C# to build custom software applications
Consulted for businesses to customize models and automate processes
Led store-level planning and strategic initiatives for two business units
Lived and worked in South Korea as the divison's Head of Finance
Run FP&A and Strategic Finance for the Hardlines business unit
We know
...that is applicable for any department.
We know
We built BizTrix to
help professionals eliminate menial tasks and free up time
address employer's struggle to provide relevant, technical training
teach undergraduate and graduate students the software skills needed to prepare for the workplace
show the power of simplicity and how it dispels complexity
focus your learning time on the tools that enhance productivity and solve problems

Our Courses

Matthew Herbert

Lead Instructor

Matthew’s 15 years of experience spans Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, and Programming across Banking, Retail, Consumer Products, and eCommerce.

Team Training

Looking to train your team?

BizTrix offers the ability to mix and match course content to address team needs, including on-site trainings.

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